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Our Story


The story so far ...


My name is Lindsey Grieves, an artist based in the North East of England,
where I studied for a 
BA Hons Degree in Fine Art and teaching qualifications.

I currently practice and exhibit art  and ceramics and I'm a member of AIR,
for practising and visual applied artists.
My experience also includes a background in textiles and fashion
and I am a published illustrator.

 As you can see from some of the products on my site, I just love ceramics.  
After taking some courses a few years back, I just fell in love with clay.
I now teach a combination of arts, crafts and pottery as a tutor both independantly
and also for oganisations such as, Gateshead Council, school community centres,
charities and Fred Olsen Cruises.

My background also includes experience in social care,
working with people from a wide range
of age groups and backgrounds,
including mental health and learning difficulties.

I love to craft and mosaic, which originally started out a past times and hobby, 
but I now use these skills to teach and create a range of gifts and services,
which are forever expanding !

From time to time I collaborate with other quaified artists and crafters,
to share expertise and work on projects and events, teaching and designing
bespoke gifts and personalised items.

There are a wide range of shopping departments within my website,
including some of our popular products
from the Scribble and Patch and House of Gingerbread range.

 I have also extended my art and design in to Weddings and Special Occasions
and now there is a full range of special gifts and services available.

  It's such a pleasure to assist in developing products to suit an individual's needs or
occasion, no matter how obscure or unusual the request!  

Feel free to check out our 'What's On' section for events we will be attending
throughout the year & our 'Stockists Section' for shops we supply to.  
We also have a customer testimonial section giving feedback on our service & products.

For a more indepth insight in to my art background and inspirations,
please take a look at my art statement below.
Personal CVs and references can also be available on request.

Myself and the artists I collaborate with, are regularly involved with charity
events and offer help and prize donations as much as we can.
We also assist 'The Cruise Crew' Bereavement charity from South Tyneside,
and NE Macmillan Cancer Support . 

If you wish to make an enquiry of any kind, please don't hestitate to contact us.







Art Statement - Lindsey Grieves


There is a continuous love and need within me
to be on a journey of discovery. To create, expand and evolve.

My work can be spontaneous! Movements of media and materials,
building layers upon layers of paint, wire, resin and stitch,
only to strip them back to reveal the true meaning of each piece. 

The freedom to create from the heart is vital experimentation. 
My aim is to not limit myself or any aspect of the creative process
nor be attached to a specific outcome.  Instead, I much prefer a creative flow to my work, 
allowing the materials to work with each other and the environment,
free from boundaries and limitations

 I often use meditative practices within my work, assisting me to connect to my inner self, 
the unseen world, exploring intangible mysteries about myself and life.
Drawing on such personal experience of life, my environment,
the natural and the spiritual, can often determine the material I use.
Often the theory and inspiration behind my work can be esoteric or surreal in nature,
taking mundane objects and materials, with the intention of
imbuing them with spiritual meaning. 

Life is definately a creative school of learning !

  Lindsey x